Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Gooood Morrrrrrning Ghana!

Bwah Bwah! So it is official I am a rockstar. I am sitting here at the Peace FM newsroom on Republic Day (Ghana's independence day) and the office is pretty empy because everyone is out celebrating but they told me to come in for my second day to learn more about the station, Peace FM 'the station with a vision.' Yesturday was my first day and my head hurt just from trying to understand what was going on as my coworkers tried to learn about life in the US and about Barack Obama while switching back and forth from Twi to English and Twinglish. Peace FM is the number one media in Ghana so it is exciting to be working with this mostly young staff who always seem to be giving each other shit and joking around. It also only broadcasts in Twi so when I sit and listen to the radio they know that I am just sitting there confused. I've made some friends quickly who have been showing me the ropes, the studio, recording room, newsroom and all that jazz. Yesturday I sat in the technicians room with all the crazy buttons and lights as they produced a talk show were people can call in and voice their opinion. At the end of the show they gave me producer credit on air even though I didn't do much but try to figure out what was going on. I also got my first sms story. One of the reporters in the field interviewed an official about drug use and alcoholism in Ghana and txted the station the story so I wrote it out on paper and they read it for the 6 oclock news. I was amazed at my involvement on the first day. I was even put on air unknowingly. I was sitting in the newsroom watching tennis when my coworker Akua told me to come down to the studio. People were sitting around and talking but I figured that they were playing music or a commericial and Akua sat me down in front of the mic when one of the announcers asked me if the other announcer was my wife. I was really confused and said "no, this is my first day" then Akua whispered in my ear to agree and pointed to the mic. I was on air during some sort of skit about a Ghanaian who goes to America and comes back after 12 years to find his wife with another person. Ok so my first day was pretty nuts and i took the tro tro back by myself which was an experience ill tell you about latter cause I should get to work. Peace...FM

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