Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's Raining Cotton Candy.

What's really real? So it is becoming more and more difficult to keep this updated because I have been so busy and Internet isn't like it is down in Californy' Way. So I don't even know where to start or where I left off last time so I'm just gonna give you what I got right now. A couple days ago we visited a school in a rough neighborhood in Accra. The one room building had over 80 children who performed for the group with dances, song and poetry reading. It was an incredible show and all the children were adorable. There are over 60,000 kids in Nima and something like only 30 percent are in school it is really sad, but the kids who are in school were so talented. After playing with the kids for a little while we went up some mountain outside of town to a botanical garden. There were the craziest trees and plants there and the tour guide was the man. He would just walk from tree to tree and be like smell this leaf and the group would try to guess what it was. It was crazy fun. Then after another meal of chicken and Jallaf rice we headed back to the house and went to the bar that is right across the street that we think is called Wasu (Cougars suck! Don't Front). The bar is just a shack with a grass roof and a couple chairs but the drinks are crazy cheap like 30 peswas (sp?) or cents for a double shot of liquor and one cedi 20 peswas for a giant Star beer. The bartender is a 14 yr old boy named Michael and we battle dance each other on the bar and he blows me and the group away. It is a great place to meet the local Ghanaians who are the friendliest people. Oh and H-bomb showed up and we've been having a killer time in Africa and you all should be jealous that we are here and you're not, so sucks for you, but we miss all of you. After that we went to Labadi beach for reggae night on the beach. It was unbelievable with a live band on the beach and little barrels of fire everywhere. I ran into Ghanaians who i had seen at the crafts market the day before and they still remembered my name, it was like something out of a movie. So moving forward a little this past weekend we went to Cape Coast to tour the old slave castles and kick it on the beach. The castle tours were intense as expected, it really is terrible how terrible people can be, but not to make this a negative nancy blog i say we focus on the fun, good? good. So,Leslie our program director kept a surprise for us after the 4 hour bus ride to Cape Coast where we pulled up to Coconut Grove Resort that is on the beach. The resort was ridiculous with A/C and some of the nicest rooms Ive ever stayed in. Kofi Anan, former UN secretary general and current Ghanaian, stays there when he goes on holiday. Will Smith also stay there when he shot "Ali." SO the place is pretty nice. I went swimming in the ocean with a terrifying rip tide, played on the swing on the beach, swam in the pool, sun baked, ate some bomb seafood, drank little devils that are just 4 different kinds of liquor in a glass but tastes pretty good, tried palm wine for the first time which was kinda gross but it gets the job done, played a couple holes at the 9 hole golf course until everyone else kept loosing their balls in the tall grass that cost 2 cedi to replace (it must have been all the tiger I drank before leaving for Ghana), went skinny dipping, went on a canopy walk 12 stories above the jungle, ate at a restaurant where you can pet giant crocodiles (i didn't pet them cause i watch 'most shocking videos' but a couple people did.) and that isn't even the exciting part. During dinner Leslie the program director introduced me to the
hotel manager, and to make a long story less long, we got to talking and he pretty much offered me a job at the resort starting a radio station and online newspaper. I'm still working out the details but I may be staying in Ghana longer than expected. Ok I think I'm done blogging now I just have so much to do. I start my internship tomorrow at Peace Fm and am so excited to figure out what the hell they are gonna do with me. I'm healthy, happy and regular. I miss you all and can't believe the Suns got Malik 'Panda Express' Hariston. Once he gets introduced to Pei Wei he'll be averaging a double double, no doubt. If you have any question, give me a holla. Go Ducks!

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