Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One Man No Chop

Hey friends! I'm gonna try to do this as quick as possible cause its hot here and I'm tired but I wanted to update you all on my first couple days in Ghana. The flight to Accra took 20 hours and would have been unbearable if it hadn't been for the free cocktails on the international flights. After a couple of G and T's at 30,000 feet you get a good buzz going and it makes sleeping while sitting up relatively easy. Once I landed in Ghana the heat surrounds you and the humidity is unreal. The first stop after getting my bags was to the house that I will be living at for the next 6 weeks with 12 other crazy characters. They are all really great and we have gotten close very quickly and rarely separate. It is a lot like camp I got the bottom bunk in a room with 3 other guys. The house is amazing its a huge mansion in East Legon in the burbs of Accra. The neighborhood has such juxtaposition between huge mansion houses and shacks and house that you can't tell if they are being built or demolished. There is a hole in the wall bar across the street from the house that we have frequented quite often. Anyway that first night i got in we went to a bar/restaurant with a live band and drank and danced our first night away in Ghana. The band was incredible playing songs by bob Marley and local music that sounded like Paul Simon's Graceland and shaggy mixed together. With all the travel and drinking I kinda got out of control and passed out back at the house. The next morning I had a terrible hangover and was booting anything that I ate. It was not the start to my African adventure that I wanted (sorry momma). Anyway I man'd up and the next day we went to a World Cup qualifying football match between Ghana and Gabon. We took the tro tro to the game which is a van that acts as a sort of bus service but is kinda sketch. While on the way to the game the driver cut off this group of scooterists that speed up to pass the giant van. As they were passing we hear a 'bang! bang!' I immediately ducked my head as my entire life flashed before my eyes. I thought for sue that I was involved in a drive by. Turns out their scooters were just backfiring but it was pretty terrifying. My bunk mate Scot swears he saw one of them pull out a gun and point it in the air so whether it was a gun or the scooters it is hard to say either way it is a hell of a way to start my first full day in Ghana. The game was incredible and the Ghanaians love football with the same passion that I have for the ducks. We got these tickets and just kinda walked to down to the third row and were so close to the action it was a riot. Near our seats we saw 3 fights between people and two huge Obibini's (locals) started throwing punches and the police had to get involved it was quite a show.The dancing and football crazy was awesome and when Agogo, a beast of a man, broke some fools ankles with some fancy footwork the place exploded. The Black Stars scored 2 goals taking the victory for Ghana. All right I can't type anymore I'm gonna take a nap. Ill give you some things to get excited for the next updates though: University of Ghana, Markets, Saddam and Gomorrah, lecturers, Hannah, Radio Universe, Peace FM, Touring Accra... I miss you all and hope you are doing well. "One man no chop" is a Ghanaian phrase that means one man no food, it supposed to mean that without the help of the community no one can survive really cool rasta stuff. Okay Go Ducks!

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