Saturday, July 19, 2008

Blogosphere Cometh!

So i added a blog list so you can read about other people in my program and their experience. Hope you enjoy. Sorry about the typos in the blog. I do plan on editing it at some point. Also just an update on the job situation. I will definetly be staying for 6 months longer then planned. I am doing a trip to Cote D'ivoire, Mali and Togo with some friends. Should be crazy. Then I will move to Cape Coast to live on the beach. I met with my boss who introduced my to my editor kinda person and what he wants me to do is completely change the programing based around local news. The station is a community based station that hires kids without high school educations and they want to assist in their stories and teach them how to be journalists. Im pretty stoaked about the idea. Also I will be helping with the online newspaper the Ghanaian Journal, and with the political campaign. All this is being run by the CPP candidate so they said if I wanted to travel around Ghana and help campaign I could. Its gonna be nuts. Allright gotta go. Peace


DudeBro said...

Whoa man, that sounds awesome. You may as well stay until the World Cup in 2010... eh? How does that sound?

DudeBro said...

Oh, that's me, David. DudeBro was a name for school... so just ignore that.

Anti-S said...

How quick do you need to leave if the other party wins the election? Just curious if you have an exit strategy. On our way to Paradise American Style for two weeks because we haven't figured out how to work and live there. Just like the Ghanaians!


PS - I love this blog.

KrautProf said...

Hey Josh, this is Peter Reingen. I'm enjoying your blog!