Friday, July 18, 2008

"Yes, they are wild animals. They could attack at any time." part 2

I believe that I left you with some hangman under a mango tree, and I just want to stress that the 2 hour hangman session has changed the entire dynamic of the group all we can do is talk about some sort of hangman association maybe even getting it into the Olympics. Also, I just ran into a crazy lady outside the Peace FM offices. Her story is that her husband used to work at Peace FM but went to the States to receive his fortune and come back and buy a house with his wife. Instead he met a white girl in the states and married her and abandoned his wife. So this lady came up to me talking to me with quivering lips about her nose and her hair and eyes and then she went to her neck and started spitting out some twi and did the cut across the throat symbol that was outlawed in the NFL. Not to worry you she is just kinda crazy and hangs outside the office all the time and the security guards have to deal with her. It does bring up something I have noticed here though that everyone wants to come to the US because they think everyone there just sits around counting their money all day (some people do). Whenever the Ghanaians tell me to take them back to the states with me I ask them what they will do when they get there and they never have an answer they just think that once they get to the states everything will be better, but there are plenty of poor people in the states. I tell them that they should try to make themselves better here because there is a very large middle class here that live in style and although the US is the shit "America F*** Ya!" Ghana is a great place to be and there is plenty of opourtunity here if the people would raise themselves up rather than just try to come to the States never to return leaving the state of Ghana like my crazy friend outside. Just a small thought sorry if it doesn't make sense.

So after we finally got the car running again it was another hour and a half on this bumpy horrible road till we got to Mole singing songs all the way and sweating like a obroni in the back of a hot van covered in red dirt and severely dehydrated... uh anyway the Mole Motel was awesome. Leslie (Program director. fearless leader) said it would be a rustic stay but I thought it was nice and the view over the park was incredible; there was even a pool. Warthogs just wandered around the motel and you could see antelopes and other animals getting water from the watering hole down in the park. The next day we got up way too early like 6 in the morning to go on our walking safari. That is right a walking safari so if an animal came to attack us all we could do was run. Luckily for me I was pretty sure that I was not the slowest in the group and had problem tripping a friend if being attacked by baboons (just joshin). We walked no more than 5 minutes not even fully into the park before we saw some antelopeish animals (I forget the name) also we were in some sort of small community and baboons and other monkeys with the warthogs would just hang out with their red butts out. The baboons sat like people and one of them started to touch himself inappropriately and everyone just kinda snickered and didn't say anything about it cause although it was inappropriate for us baboons can do whatever they want cause they're baboons. So after leaving the little village we were in full on safari mode silently moving through the bush with out guide (i forget his name lets just call him Norman) He carried a big gun and had been working at the park for 26 years. He warned us of snakes and told us about the tsi tsi fly problem that was fixed apparently. Anyway we were in the bush for maybe ten minutes when Norman spots an Elephant. Not just an Elephant but a Savannah elephant. Savannah Elephants he told us are bigger and can't be in zoos because they can't tame them. The only thing I can compare the size of the elephants to are if you could take a really big elephant and stand it next to these elephants, that's how big they were (did that make sense, in other words they were really big) This guy was huge and hidden in the trees and bushes so we moved around to get a better view stalking our gigantic friend that is the most dangerous animal in the Park, they kill more people than even the lions and can charge at 70 miles per hour! I also before leaving did some reading on elephants and was thoroughly scared of being so close to a giant beast that could crush me with plop of his bottom. Also I watch way to many Most amazing videos shows to not be scared. All I was thinking was that we are way to close to this elephant as Norman removed the gun from his shoulder and put it at the ready. We watched the elephant eat for awhile and dodged him as he moved towards us. Then out of nowhere another bigger elephant with one huge tusk and one half broken tusk starts fighting with our elephant friend. Norman told us that they were competing for a mate and they start bashing into each other destroying the plant life and scaring the crap out of me. Then Norman tells us to move as he leads the group with me towards the back as the two giant beast start to come straight for us they were probably 20 feet from us as far as I could tell although other kids thought 30 or even as close as 10. I book it as fast as I can while the other kids try and run and take pictures at the same time. So we decided to leave the two elephants to go at it while we explored the rest of the park. there was a big warthog that was taking a nap on a pile of trash so Montana nick and I got up real close to it and crouched down just to look at how weird that nasty swine was. Norman our guide told us how warthogs eat snakes and are immune to any venom. He also said that they can fight off lions with there tusks and have bone that come out under there eyes to protect them when they smash there tusks into something. Someone in the group asked if they were dangerous. This is where Norman said "Yes, they are wild animals. They could attack at anytime." Just as he said this the warthog jumped up and scared the poo out of nick and I. So we had to go back and change our pants. During the safari We saw baboons, green monkeys, antelope and antelopeish things I think they were called kobs but i don't remember, warthogs, and probably something else that i am forgetting, it was pretty sweet. That night we just hung out at the motel looking over the park thinking about how awesome this program has been and how we are getting college credit for this which is such a joke. The next day we went back Kumasi, and for some reason I had to sit in the back seat of Fatal's van of horrible times and got covered in dirt again. I have since washed the cloths (by the way we don't have a washing machine so i have to hand wash everything) and the white shirt will never be whit again. Other then that the ride was pretty drama free I slept most of the time and then we went to some bead village that i forgot the name of. This place has not heard of family planning so there were just cute kids running all over the place and holding our hands as we walked to see hoe they made glass beads, just like my momma. Well a little different, they pretty much just take glass bottles and crush them up real fine. Then they add dye for the color and put them in these clay saucers things adding different colors to the holes with a piece of cassava branch in the middle for the hole. Then they bring it to this oven made of mud and place the saucers in it with a wood fire on the bottom wait about 2 hours and bam, glass beads for all. While the guy was telling us about his beads the children started braiding all the girls hair in the group with these ridiculous braids just to add to the absurdity of the situation. So i bought some beads cause i just don't get enough glass beads when im at home, but they aren't as cool as my mommas. After saying buy to the cute kids and leaving decked out in beads we headed to this waterfall on the way back to... actually that might have happened before the bead village cause it doesn't make any sense but id rather just tell it like this than change stuff i've already written, sorry for the purists but these are just stories so back off. Anyway the waterfall was super sweet and nice to just kick it watching the water fall. Words cant describe but i took some pictures with my disposable. I'm working on finding a way to get some pictures up from somewhere. Ok this post is getting a little long so i'm gonna end it here we all made it back safe and sound i left out some markets and after hours fun cause i think you get that I'm having a good time and buying a lot of crap. More info on details to come. By the way did you know everyone carries stuff on their head in Ghana? Just imagine me walking around with everyone carrying things on their heads. I've seen people carrying a pile of nuts, 4 full sized tires, a bowl of water, plantain chips, and stuff like that. OK running out of time and i want to check the MLB standings go Diamond Bs! and the Ducks! I miss you all keep emailing and asking questions i want to hear from you.

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