Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Yes, they are wild animals. They could attack at any time."

What's what is what? Go Ducks! So it has been brought to my attention that I have major typos in this blog which I do intend to correct but I don't get to the Internet often and when I do I'm usually pressed for time and cant proofread what i just wrote so cut me a little slack. Also, thanks for your comments I'm glad people are enjoying it. Anyway I have some more stories for ya so sit back put on your seat belt (no one in Ghana wears seat belts), buy some plantain chips (people sell them on the highways dodging traffic and carrying giant bowls of them on their head) and lets rage... Welcome to the jungle!
That was a little more dramatic then necessary sorry about that, stream of consciousness just kinda has a mind of its own (that's funny ((way too many parentheticals))) :) So this weekend like promise the group went to Kumasi and then up to Mole. The bus ride to Mole was longest so we had to leave at like 6 in the morning because Leslie, our program leader, was afraid to drive on the roads at night out of fear of criminals blocking the road with a log and robbing us at gun point. Please don't make a fuss this didn't happen. Anyway so of course the night before we went out to Wasu and then Reggae night because were in Ghana and every night counts. No excuses play like a champion and we did. Anyway H-bomb for those who know her and care was leaving while I would be in Kumasi so this was our last night together and just want to say that I miss her and had a killer time while she was here. So the next morning on the long bus ride through the dangerous roads we eventually made a stop at a stand of bush meat sellers so Leslie could take a picture. Of course I had no idea this was a planned stop and just woke up to a group of young Ghanaians wielding knives, grass cutters stretched out like kites, and armadillos. Dead armadillos that they sell for people to eat. They wanted money for the pictures we took at them and one of them pretended to through his armadillo on the bus and I thought it was alive when they stretched it out of the protective shell that it curls up into and was cowering in the aisle of the bus with Krista thinking this was the end screaming "GO GO GO!" Anyway that was our first encounter with the bush meat people. Pretty crazy. So we finally got to Kumasi late and stayed at this sweat hotel with a pool and lived the good life. The next day we saw the Ashanti king's palace and took a tour learned all about the Ashanti King who is the man. He has the craziest outfits and sweet swords and stuff. I'd look him up on wikipedia cause I don't feel like telling you all about him if you don't care. Anyway there were peacocks all over his palace so of course I thought of Athens for those who know why that will be really fun to you. So then we did some shopping and by some I mean a lot of shopping Leslie is a shopaholic and we went to the Kente cloth village and saw how they made them and then we went to a adinkra village and got to stamp our own adinkra symbols on some kente cloth. I got the Unity symbol so obviously I couldn't stop saying "UNITY!" like Dave Chapelle doing Rick James (no homo). It was also really educational to learn how they made the ink out of bark and all about the meaning of the over 150 different symbols. Right, so then we went to the open air market cause of course we needed to do more shopping. The girls all went to the fabric section cause they are girls and boring while Sonny our Ghanaian friend led me and some of the boys through the biggest market in west Africa. It was split up into sections of chaos with varying degrees of smells and weird things that I'm still not sure what they were. One of the first places we ran through was the meat section were butchers with machetes were hacking away at animals of all different shapes and sizes. This place was dark and there was a blood gutter running threw the middle. It was like walking through a haunted house as all the butchers took notice to the white kids and wanted to shake our hands which we regretfully did because the health standards were less then proper. There were full heads of goats and this goopy slimy pile that someone said was intestines. And a guy sharpening his machete as sparks flew off it. It was all pretty unreal. So we got out of there and went to different sections like the fish sections (really smelly), clothes (fresh gear), peanuts, cosmetics, literally if you could think of there was someone selling it. The ladies who run the market loved us and were even offering there daughters to my buddy Ken... good luck buddy. So then we ran into a bunch of Hoes, which was awesome cause our guide sonny was all like hey look at all these hoes and there they were in a pile right next to the grass cutter traps and other gardening equipment. Get your mind out of the gutter this isn't Amsterdam. So that was the market pretty much the next day we had to be up extra early to drive to Mole so we decided to stay up all night and party. The next day we drove for like 4 hours to get off our sweet china bus and into a van. There were 16 people shoved into this van and myself, Michelle, Krista and Nick took the backseat (I know you dint know these people but whatever they are great that's all you need to know). So the Van was air conditioned and had vents in every row except for the back row because that'd just be silly. It was literally 25 degrees cooler when we would stretch out arms out to reach for some oxygen. TO make it better the back door to the van wasn't shut so all the red dust from the grad 3 road made a cloud in the backseat. We were covered in seat and dirt and had nothing else to do but sing billy joel songs and go a little crazy. After maybe half an hour the van of course breaks down. Luckily we broke down right next to this family's house and sat under their mango tree and played hangman for two hours while the driver, who by the way his name was Fatal, tried to get oil for the van cause it leaked out 3 liters of it and was broken. We didn't complain but rather became the best Hangman players of all time while kids in their underwear just kinda watched as we talked shit about our skills at guessing letters. I got my roommate Scot without guessing a single letter, the word was 'Chris Tucker'. All right didn't even get to Mole yet but i gotta go do the news, ill continue this latter. By the way Favre should come to the Cardinals. Larry Fitz and Boldin with a little Favre Super bowl is in the bag.

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