Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tumbling into Awesome!

Ok, so I know it has been afillion years since I did one of these silly blog things, but my bro requested I start it back up. I'm sure there are plenty of bored people back home who would love nothing more than to waste time correcting my grammar and punctuation.
Unless you have been at my side for the past 7 months and have been on the wild ride that I have dubbed “Tumbling into Awesome: The Josh Gordon Story” the following is a list of the Awesome that you have missed. The stars represent levels of awesome and the exclamation points represent levels of disaster or loud volume.
(Side note – This list only contains things that I remember anything that I have forgotten will not be on the list, but it should be assumed that a couple of crazy awesome things have happened that I don’t remember.)

Michelle Comes Back To Ghana **** !!
Josh Starts a Pirate Radio Station in Tamale ***** !!!!
David Comes To Ghana ***** !
Josh is Father Christmas *** !
Children’s Party at the Grove with over 1000 kids *** !!!!!!

New Years Party at the Dr.’s mansion ******
Kweku’s (Dr.’s Son) Wedding **** !
Josh Bartends Kweku’s Wedding ***********

Josh Writes GMG Business Plan **
Lankesha’s Going Away Party **** !!!
Lankesha and Josh’s Going Away Party ****** !!
Josh Returns to America ***************

Josh Starts the Reunion Tour West Coast Road Trip ************
Josh Kicks it in the OC ******* !!
Fat Tuesday *** !!!
Josh goes to San Fran ********* !!!
Sound Tribe Four Nights in a Row ************ !
Josh Goes to Eugene ******** !!
Sound Tribe One More Time ******* !!!
Party Team Reunion ******* !
Ducks Baseball **** !
Josh Goes to Portland ******* !
Blazer Game ****
Josh Heads Home ** !
Josh Stops in Vegas *********** !
Josh Comes Home to AZ *** !

Josh Goes to NYC with the Momma ****** !
Josh Sees the Fam ***********
Josh Goes to a Show *****
Madrid Shit Show Reunion 2009 ************ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nate’s Birthday ********** !!!
Citi Field Super Flush 2009 *********
Central Park ****** !!!
Josh Goes Home **
Josh Signs up for the GMAT !!!!
Josh Buys a 3 day pass to Coachella **********
Coachella ************ !
GMAT Two Days After Coachella !!!!
Josh Returns to Ghana ****** !

Starts Work On GMG ** !!
Begins Working On New building for Ahomka FM * !!!
Attends Edina Traditional Council Meeting ***
Applying for Radio Licenses !!!

My Birfday ****
UT comes to the Grove ****
CPP 60 year anniversary ***

And that should get you pretty much up to date. Reading over the list, it doesn’t look like I’m doing that bad. If you have any questions about specific tumbles post it in the comments and I’d love to give you more details next time (I promise that wont be 7 months from now).

I’m going to assume someone is going to ask “Why did you go back to Ghana?”
In short I wrote up this plan to build 3 new radio stations and used fancy words like 'synergy' to propose a media house that will have a daily newspaper, online journal, 4 radio stations, marketing agency type thing, a news agency, TV and Recording studios. So after writing up the plan, the Dr. (My boss) gave me a contract to come back and be the Project Manager. That is what I am doing, at least when I know what Im doing, which is sometimes. It made such big news that I got a feature written about me in the UofO SOJC newsletter. There goes my fifteen minutes. Here is the link to the story: . It does a much better job of explaining what I am doing then I can.

Another question is probably going to concern pictures. I don’t know why, but I just don’t take pictures. I promise these things happened and I’ll try my best to take pictures, but right now I'm in a moral dilemma between the abuse of not using my super sweet camera and the awkwardness of taking pictures with a giant machine. I’ll work on this…maybe.

Glad to be back. Hopefully, I’ll update this when something crazy or cool or crazy sexy cool happens (TLC). Shoot me an email or post in the comments I would love to hear how you are getting down with the get downs.

Go Ducks!


Krista said...


yay! your blog is back!!

Anne said...

Thank you thank you I was missing your blog- I am one of those bored fans- super fan actually. Now I will go let everyone in my contacts that you are back!!!:)

David said...

Very nice, Broseph. I like your little recap, especially the star-rating system.

And since you're now starting a synergized (or something) radio station/marketing agency... can I have a job?