Saturday, June 13, 2009

Get Down with the Download?

Dear friends,
It only took two and a half hours, but I think I made my latest Obrouni Show available to download at: . If anyone back home wants to try it out and let me know if it worked that would be cool. It is a bit choppy and the sound goes dead while I switch on the mic, but it should be entertaining.
Big shout out to all the readers of this terrible little blog. Especially to Christina for pointing out that I left off a monumental tumble in the last post. That would be the breakfast we shared where I ordered bottomless Bloddy Marys and a black coffee. I give it a ********* awesomeness level and a ! disaster level. The ! is because that breakfast ended when all involved would have been happy to sit at that table for days.
I hope the download works and you enjoy the show. I'm working on getting the station online, as well as, other things that I will update soon enough. I love receiving comments on the blog or emails so if you love writing you should send me an update. Peace!


Anne said...

Download worked there was a lot of crazy bad music and not enough DJ GO- for my taste anyway Love you

Christina said...

WHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPP!!! (That's what we say here in Tejas)... LOVE the shout-out... I feel so special.. you're the best-best friend...

David said...

Haha, hey man, the download worked brilliantly. Can you upload that session when I was in the booth? That would be great.

Anti-S said...

Hi Josh:
I think I saw you on the NBC Nightly news when Obama was in Ghana. There was a tall, slim, light guy in a light colored baseball cap. I believe he was carrying a camera and walking with the crowd in evening as Obama was walking into a building. If it was you, let me know, just for fun.