Saturday, August 23, 2008

When I come back wearing the 45 it's not to play games with you; it's to aim at you.

What more can I say. You have to pardon Jay for selling out the garden in a day, and you have to pardon me cause it has been far too long since I gave you some more quality Josh story time. So I'm going going back back to ..... the internet? OK i think I've been listening to too much gangsta rap, although I have to say I am definetly big pimpin and living the good life. With that said I have an entire month of adventures back logged that I have probabluy allready forgotten and the ones I do remember I am sure to have exaggerated them to the point of fiction. So with so much info to give you I should stop stalling cause I still havent even told you about my trip to the Volta region. That was a good month ago and when all my little duck friends were all still here. They left me with the two crazy girls to travel through the worst countries in the world and even they found a way to leave west africa. It's not so easy for me. Ok on to the lightning round of spitting out the stories. Please feel free to add your own hyperboles, and I should note that all stories are actually dumbed down to make me seem less dangerous and sexy because not even blogger could handle that much Josh. Allright Volta in 5 seconds or less...

So I have to be honest I don't remember Volta at all it comes to me in pictures like my birthday for the past couple of years. I do remember the night before decideing that I would pack in the morning before we left at 5 in the morning. I also remember going to tantra the night before with some peace scorpions (my bro made that up) and finally getting to bed with an hour before leaving for the volta region. I remember Krista eating a burger outside the club like an animal (ha!) I remember Sonny my main mang who has to be the same age as me or at least the same level of immaturity saying that our fearless leader Doc. Williams was not coming on the trip and that him and Scot, the 20 year old hipster, was in charge (no disprespect to Scot who is more than a 20 year old hipster, but I just dont have the time and there is not enough space on the internet to explain the intricacies of my main mang Scot). Anywaysss, I remember stopping at a bridege and sleeping on a bus. I remember our hotel that looked like a rehab clinic and the forming of the high comission. For those of you who are confused the high comission involved me Ken ( He looks a lot like Lucas from empire records) and Scot (the previously categorized hipster kid) speaking with silly accents and telling people that their volume was not authorized. PS sorry this blog turned into a bunch of inside jokes. Anywayssss, I remember going to the biggest waterfall in west africa with bats everywhere and trying to swim under it and getting destroyed by the current. I remember going to a monkey santuary where monkeys ate bananas out of my hand and jumped from tree to tree over my head. I remember stopping on the side of the road so i could by roadside: oyster kebabs, snail kebabs, shrimp, tiny unrecognizeable fish and other foods that I really shouldn't be eating at a fancy restaurant and definetly not off the side of the road in Africa. I remember the bus breaking down about a half hour from any sort of civilization and within 20 minutes a guy on a bicycle selling ice cream stopping by out of nowhere to save the day and waiting another ten minutes before a bus that was practically empty to stop and offer us a ride into town. That is just my kind of luck I guess. And that is the Volta. It was a shit show and I am sure I left important things out but thats all youll get from me. Its been over a month since all this happended so I think I did a pretty good job.
I am sure there were other events that occured while my Duck friends all left me with the two crazy girls to travel through the sketchy parts of West Africa, but none that I remember or feel are appropriate for the blog. We had a heart felt goodbye and I truly miss everyone of them even though I'm pretty sure they are all nuts. So looking forward to next time Cote D'ivorre, maybe some Mali and Togo and then we can get started on the exciting stuff that is happening right now. Sorry for the absence but Im back. Go Ducks!


Anti-S said...

Finally! I thought you were, ya know, busy. Seriously though, what do the Ghanaians think about Barack Obama? More importantly, what do they think of Michael Phelps? Have you been catching any of the Olympics? We don't always know who to root for in our house.

Safety First,

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you again. Stay healthy, Stay safe
With love, Grandma Judy & Poppy