Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oh the scary places you will go

so this isnt really an update well it kinda is but i gotta keep it short cause i have only three minutes left. anyway im in cote divoire and the keyboard is in french so extra typo post for today. ive done so many crazy things but i dont have much time to write about them so im gonna make a teaser list for you of just zords zith typos to remind myself to tell you about latter and i dont know when ill be able to do that so here it goes;
saddam and gamorrah, whore house, conpound emptys, saying good bye to peqce fm, hello coconut grove, blqck pope, ahkuma fm, ok gottq go cote divoire independence i ,iss u all


DudeBro said...

Nice man. Can't wait to hear the stories. Stay safe.

Anti-S said...


Nice news, very turd wurld. Just back from the squito isle of Blue Hawaii. Keiki Cobi learns to swim, practicing racing dive with big sis Leah, who can snorkel dive with the best of em. Turtles seen with tumors...sad. Working on the pants, have sweat shop ready. Want a 25% cut for kids' 529 fund. How much cedi to a dollar?

Safety first, much love,


Mark said...

This is your cousin from Suffern.NY
Please send pictures of shrunken heads on posts. As seen in N'tl Geo.
Glad to hear you're having an amazing experience. Be safe!!!